The masters of lasagna

From our grandmother’s recipe to the latest cuisine trends, there’s a lasagna for everyone at Lasagneria Italiana.

We imagined our business to be just like us: Italian roots, but with a sense of beloging to London, a city rich in diversity, culture and flavours.

We mastered the art of lasagna to make something unique, but still in a wide variety.

It’s not easy to respect traditional cuisine while making something new, but we hope that we managed and that you love it.

Tuck in your favourite sheets

We want to make lasagna an experience, rather than a simple meal.

That’s why you can choose from the classic bolognese or pesto to the elegant truffle lasagna or the newest smoked salmon flavour.

Our lasagna sheets are made in Italy with Italian ingredients and Italian flair, using a selection of genuine ingredients, exported to the UK (and Europe).

Combine them with our delicious sides and drinks and you’ll have the perfect lunch.

Lasagneria Italiana. From Italy with taste.

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